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A trip to any part of the world is incomplete without the shopping. Shoppings forms a part of travelling experiences. Assam is famous for its customary handloom products and the exclusive silk, called Muga silk. Indeed, every section of the state has its own specialty, especially in terms of handlooms and handcrafts. In addition to this, Assam is also famous for its complicated cane and bamboo products. Hence, your shopping experience in Assam is sure to be a memorable one.

You can see are a diversity of shopping places when you make a visit to Assam tourist spots. Roadside shopping is very well-known there. A particular type of roadside market known as Bhutiya market, is present in particular regions of Assam. Shopping in these markets is on the whole exciting, as you will get a large selection of clothes at very low prices. These shops are of main attraction for the tourists as well as the natives. In addition to these, there are also a great number of malls and other shopping markets within the state. Apart from the traditional products, all the main brands and companies of India can be found in the urban areas like Guwahati, Dibrugarh, etc.

Shopping in Assam

The shopping items in Assam tourist spots can be broadly classified under the following heads:

Traditional Handloom Products

Traditional Handloom Products-Assam tourist spots
Weaving is a the most important industry of Assam. Gamocha (Assamese towel), Mekhela Chaddar (Assamese sari) and Laichampi (quilt-like material) are the trademark of the traditional handloom products over there. The raw materials for weaving may be cotton or the well-known Assamese silk (Muga, Paat, Eri). Above the handloom products, images of flowers, birds and animals are generally seen. Cachar and Sualkuchi silk weaving centers are mostly famous for this reason. Other general products include cushion covers, tablemats, shawls, and napkins. Read customer reviews about Assam tourist spots – Guwahati.

Metal Crafts

Metal Crafts-Assam tourist spots
In all the Assamese house, you can certainly find items made of bell metal and brass. The best instance are the Xorai and Bota. They are used in every house to honor guests, by offering them paan (stuffed betel leaves). Besides this, items made of gold, silver, and copper are also found here.

Cane & Bamboo Products

Cane & Bamboo Products-Assam tourist spots
Japi i.e. the traditional sunshade is one of the best known cane and bamboo products of Assam. Originally serving the purpose of a shade for the open air workers, it is now used as an item of drawing room decoration. Another common bamboo and cane products consist of brooms, bamboo handbags and stools (Murrah). State governments Emporia are today trying to popularize a few creative cane and bamboo products outside the Assam.

Others (Assamese Tea, Jewelry & Masks)

Jewelry & Masks-Assam tourist spots
A visit to the Assam tourist spots without a taste of the world famous Assam tea is futile. Recognized for its body and malty flavor, the tea is a main source of export for India. Talking about the conventional Assamese jewelry, the well-liked items are doog- doogi, gam-kharu, loka- paro, jan- biri and gal-pata. Masks made up of terracotta, metal, pith, bamboo and wood are used in the cultural activities of Assam. In current times, they have found their way to the drawing rooms of the common people as well, as decorative items.