Assam Tourist Spots

Experience the Rare Beauty of Assamese Landscapes……

Experience the Real Essence of Assam at Wonderful Tourist Spots

on December 10, 2012

Assam tourist spots

Assam is one of the most beautiful state in India. It is a paradise for the nature lovers. It is located in the north-east corner of India is a like heaven on earth. It is not only rich in its natural beauty but also exceptional in its culture. It is an area where nature herself has tinted the dynamic landscape, woods , hillocks, brooks and streams, flora and fauna..

Tourist places in Assam are basically nature based. As a result, national parks, rivers, wild life sanctuaries, hot water springs, lakes, thick wooded forest and wildlife are the major components of Assam tourist spots. An residence of one horned rhino, red mountains, blue rivers and aromatic tea gardens make Assam tourist spots as a outstanding experience. Assam abides an indication of rich cultural heritage through its temples, monuments, and hammering Brahmaputra River. Assam is a well-known state in terms of its traditions and civilization. Assam tenders a speckled variety of tourist attractions to its visitors. For this reason it makes an amazing experience for the travelers who visit this incredible Assam tourist spots.

As Assam is an abode for many spectacular destinations, it is also a sizzling spot for the tourists as well. The river Brahmaputra is running from east to west. And it is the salvation of Assam. The state is a natural valley created by years of flood by the Brahmaputra that is bounded by huge blue hills of the Himalayan. The topography of the region and also the climate with the highest rainfall in the world has initiated very flora and fauna. India’s very rare known rain forests are found in the north-east region of the place. It is difficult to explain the tranquil beauty of the north-east region until anyone witnesses it in real.

The best time to visit Assam is October to April . And this season is considered to be the best time to visit Assam as these winter months are quite pleasant and sunny. Assam tourist spots is a delightful experience for all the travel lovers.



3 responses to “Experience the Real Essence of Assam at Wonderful Tourist Spots

  1. Swain Sri Nrusingh Srichandan says:


    A devine state and one can feel the divinity.let the truth prevails in all our activity for a better tomorrow.For this every individual isto be refoemed and every house is to be reconstructed .

  2. Aniruddha Deka says:

    Very nice place

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