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Admire the Sensation of Assam Hill Stations

Assam state is beautifully bedecked by the natural relics. Thereby, most of the tourists give much preference to the Assam state because of its peaceful and relaxing location. So do get ready for a trip to Assam state to watch the marvelous Assam tourist spots.

Jatinga Hill Station:

Jatinga Hill Station-Assam Tourist Spots

Jatinga is a well, known hill stations of Assam state which has been covered by the high valleys. Jatinga hill stations is situated within the northern Cacher hill. Jatinga is famed for bird mystery. The drifting birds come during the month of August to November. And it is also the major attraction of Assam tourist spots. Through the eminent watch tower one can see them yielding to their death wish and their little plumage dropping down. During the night time Jatinga hill station gets covered under the fog, dark night and numbers of migratory birds.

Diphu Hill Station:

Diphu Hill Station-Assam Tourist Spots

Diphu is also one of the hill station of the state. District Karbi Anglong’s headquarter is Diphu. This place contains very much progressive infrastructure. Diphu is 1271Km away from the Guwahati City. This place has been connected with the Guwahati city through government buses and NF railways. Reaching Diphu is very simple, Dimapur is a nearby airport. And the distance from airprt to Diphu is about 54 kilometers.

Umrangshu Hill Station:

Umrangshu Hill Station-Assam Tourist Spots

Umarangshu hill station is very well known location. This hill station is situated in the border of Assam & Meghalaya.The distance from Guwahati to Umrangshu is 224 kms by road. This hill station has been located on the northern cacher hill. People give very much demand to this place and huge numbers of people also give visit to this hill station.

Maibong Hill Station:

Maibong Hill Station-Assam Tourist Spots

Maibong Hill Station is another attractive hill station of Assam tourist spots. Formerly, this place was a capital of the Kachari ruler’s kingdom. Stone house and temple of Kachari king can be seen at Maibong. It is situated on the Bank of Mahur river and 47 kms from Haflong. Currently, Maibong is a local headquarters of north cacher hills district.

Haflong Hill Station:

haflong hill station-Assam Tourist Spots

Haflong is a amazing hill stations of Assam state. Haflong hill station is located about 85 kms away from the Northern Silchar.From the Guwahati city the distance is about 345Kms. This place is known as nature’s land. It exhibits the true spirit of its soil. The complete Haflong has been enclosed by the green color blanket. Resting on this the decoration of several types of fruits and flowers have been done, to beautify this location of Assam.



Fun Unlimited in Tourist Spots in Assam

Assam, is located in the north-east corner of India. The state is considered like a like heaven on earth. Assam is a beautiful and a diverse state. Assam is covered with an incredible range of cultures and landscapes which is located in the northeast of India. It is a region where nature has tinted the exciting landscape, woods , hillocks, brooks and streams, flora and fauna.And all the above the peoples are so affectionate. Assam offers a varied variety of tourist attractions to its visitors.


Assam tourist spots -Guwahati
Guwahati is also recognized as the business capital of Assam and trade center of the North-East. The finest thing about Guwahati is that several part of North-East is easily reached from here. It is the leading Assam tourist spots and main entry for the entire region. It is extended over the Brahmaputra river and holds large number of temples including Nabagraha temple, Kamakhya temples, Umananda temple etc. Assam Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Assam state museum are another main Assam tourist spots that lie in the city.


Assam tourist spots - Majuli
Majuli is situated 20 kms towards the north of Jorhat. This is the largest fresh water island in the world.This is also a natural territory for the exceptional breeds of flora and fauna and serves as a wandering path for ducks, geese and other birds.

Kaziranga National Park:

Assam Tourist spots - Kaziranga National Park
Kaziranga National Park is another major Assam tourist spots for visitors. It is the best place for wildlife lovers. Kaziranga National Park is declared to be the most protected tiger reserve in the world. This natural sanctuary is also famous for great one-horned rhinoceros, Asian Elephants, giant water buffalo, Sambar, guar and Indian Tiger.

Brahmaputra River:

Assam tourist spots - brahmaputra
Brahmaputra river is one of the longest river of India which flows in neighboring countries – Tibet and Bangladesh. This river has always among the main Assam tourist spots for the visitors who want to evaluate its beauty from the bare eyes. You can also enjoy the cruise traveling in this river.

Manas National Park:

Assam tourist spots - Manas National Park
Manas National Park is a prominent wild life sanctuary which known for protecting rare species like Assam Roofed Turtle, Golden Langur, Hispid Hare and Pygmy Hog. This Park has become one of the foremost tourist destinations of India.


Assam tourist Spots - Sibsagar

Sibsagar, a famous Assam tourist spots, is 369 kms. west from Guwahati. It has the highest Shiva temple in India. Due to it, it is major tourist destination of state.


Assam tourist spots - Digboi

Digboi is a famous tourist place, as it holds abundant tea gardens and mystic blue hills. It is also a major oil town and containing the world’s oldest continuing refinery plants.

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General Information About Assam

Assam a beautiful and diverse state with an unbelievable range of cultures and landscapes. It is located in the northeast of India. Most Assam tourist spots - Misty Mountainof the people call it as a magic land while others call it as a green paradise. It divide it’s borders in the North and East with the realm of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. The State of Assam is one of the most beautiful regions of India. Assam has a rich heritage of culture and civilization. There are so many Assam tourist spots to visit for.

Capital : Guwahati, is the capital of Assam and the gateway to the north-eastern states. It is a dynamic city valued for its ancient Hindu temples. It extends at the edge of the enormous flowing, river-sea of the Brahmaputra. It is also the service center for the tea plantations and oil industry; the world’s largest tea auctions are held here.

Peoples : The peoples of Assam is a wide racial intermix of Mongolian, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian and Aryan origin. This state has Assam tourist spots - sunsetthe largest number of tribes within their diversity in tradition, dresses, culture and exotic way of life.

Languages : The languages they speak are similar to Bengali, which is spoken in West Bengal and in Bangladesh.

Season : Assam has four well defined seasons in a year. i.e,summer, monsoon, winter and spring which present Assam in different atmosphere.
October to April is considered to be the best time to visit Assam as these months present a mild and moderate climate with pleasant and sunny days and cool nights. Assam is never extremely cold or hot though during December and January. At the night time temperatures may fall to single digit numbers.Assam tourist spots - Tea-Garden

Area : 78,439

Population : 31.17 Crore (2012 Census).

Airports : Guwahati, Jorhat, Tezpur, Dibrugarh, Silchar , Lakimpur.

Major tourist spots : Brahmaputra River, Guwahati City, Majuli, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Tezpur City, Goalpara, Sualkuchi, Digboi , Sibsagar and Hajo.
Pilgrim Centres : Guwahati, Hajo, Peacock Island, Sibsagar.Assam tourist spots - Sanctuary

Museum : Guwahati : Anthropological Museum – Guwahati University; Assam Forest Museum, Assam State Museum and Assam Government Cottage Industries Museum .

Travel to Assam tourist spots and you will find everything from stunning scenery and exceptional wildlife to vibrant cultures and soul inspiring places of pilgrimage.


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Experience the Real Essence of Assam at Wonderful Tourist Spots

Assam tourist spots

Assam is one of the most beautiful state in India. It is a paradise for the nature lovers. It is located in the north-east corner of India is a like heaven on earth. It is not only rich in its natural beauty but also exceptional in its culture. It is an area where nature herself has tinted the dynamic landscape, woods , hillocks, brooks and streams, flora and fauna..

Tourist places in Assam are basically nature based. As a result, national parks, rivers, wild life sanctuaries, hot water springs, lakes, thick wooded forest and wildlife are the major components of Assam tourist spots. An residence of one horned rhino, red mountains, blue rivers and aromatic tea gardens make Assam tourist spots as a outstanding experience. Assam abides an indication of rich cultural heritage through its temples, monuments, and hammering Brahmaputra River. Assam is a well-known state in terms of its traditions and civilization. Assam tenders a speckled variety of tourist attractions to its visitors. For this reason it makes an amazing experience for the travelers who visit this incredible Assam tourist spots.

As Assam is an abode for many spectacular destinations, it is also a sizzling spot for the tourists as well. The river Brahmaputra is running from east to west. And it is the salvation of Assam. The state is a natural valley created by years of flood by the Brahmaputra that is bounded by huge blue hills of the Himalayan. The topography of the region and also the climate with the highest rainfall in the world has initiated very flora and fauna. India’s very rare known rain forests are found in the north-east region of the place. It is difficult to explain the tranquil beauty of the north-east region until anyone witnesses it in real.

The best time to visit Assam is October to April . And this season is considered to be the best time to visit Assam as these winter months are quite pleasant and sunny. Assam tourist spots is a delightful experience for all the travel lovers.